Out of Court Debt Collection

Debt collection services are carried out in short terms, by Euro Executive, combining different and flexible interventions in every phase such as : telephone calls , reminder and warning letters and field collection. This ensures a high percentage of extra-judicial resolution of disputes.
In order to trace debtors and verify their solvency status, Euro Executive systematically carries out extensive inquiries and checking that are conducted with investigative criteria and acquired from reliable official databases.

Judicial Collection

Euro Executive also offers legal protection, fully managed by internal lawyers. It includes any legal action aimed at obtaining an enforcement order to seize debtors' goods.

Executions and mortgages to debtors’ goods, monitoring of procedures of bankruptcy, management of potential transactions, are all services that Euro Executive's lawyers will be ready to provide for the recovery of credits, guaranteeing the maximum reliability and professionalism.


Euro Executive provides a qualified financial consulting and commercial management for the companies and is also capable to offer to its customers, appropriate assistance for the drafting of contracts and credit supporting documentation, both for the local market and for the international one.
Remember that a proper provision of the credit will allow a better management.

In Italy and abroad

Euro Executive is working to ensure the utmost professionalism in the resolution of national and international judicial disputes.

With a proven team of correspondents , Euro executive is able to offer the same quality and variety of services worldwide , both in the extrajudicial phase and the Judicial one. There are no boundaries or territorial barriers.


Problems with your bank? Do you think you have paid usurious interest rates and overdraft fees calculated illegally? Euro Executive can help solving the problem and recovering any money that has been improperly paid. We can offer a free preliminary analysis of bank statements of the last 10 years and the subsequent technical expertise. We take care of a friendly negotiation, and if it becomes necessary, to the legal procedure. The service is carried out with the help of our legal experts and other professionals.

Litigation management

If the relationship with your supplier is getting critical and is likely to lead to a dispute; If a supply, a bill or a service, has caused you a damage and the debt should not be paid, Euro Executive assists you to solve the problem, saving valuable time and money. As always, fees are due just in case of success and at the good end of the case.